Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Miniatures

Today shall be Miniature Monday because I have a couple of small quilts to share. The first quilt is an Amish Bars quilt I made and entered into a contest for Miniature Quilts magazine. I did not win but they wanted to feature my quilt in an issue of their magazine. My little quilt was on the cover of the magazine. The pattern to make a version similar to mine, was inside along with a little blurb about me and my show quilts. What an honor this was for me. The quilt is hand pieced and quilted and 12" x 14" in size.

Detail of quilting

Miniature Quilts Issue #46

The following Lily quilt is a doll quilt I made in 1985. It is 20" x 15", hand pieced and quilted.

Lily quilt detail

Thanks for reading...


Sean said...

I had no idea that this quilt was even in a magazine! love it mom' keep blogging!!

Jane said...

Love these mini's!! So are you still at it? With your talent, you should be.

Denise said...

Sean and minnie...thanks for your comments! Perhaps if I started making minis again I'd get a lot more accomplished! :-)

Diane said...

Lovely little quilts. What beautiful stitches you have! If you like doll quilts, I have many on my blog.