Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Hidden Gem

I live in a town in the state of New Jersey, half way between New York City and Philadelphia. There are nice parks and most folks are friendly enough, but otherwise it's fast food, pizza places, banks, pharmacies and more pizza places. Just your average slice of suburbia.

In the midst of this cookie cutter suburban landscape is a real gem, The Grounds For Sculpture.
In 1984, J. Seward Johnson, a sculptor and philanthropist, grandson of Robert Wood Johnson, the founder of Johnson and Johnson, envisioned a public sculpture garden and museum in Hamilton, NJ. 
Construction on the sculpture park began in 1989 on the site of the former New Jersey State Fairgrounds. ( Read a brief history of the State Fairgrounds here ) The grounds have been open to the public since 1992. To say this venue is amazing is an understatement!

The Grounds For Sculpture is situated on 42 acres. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits, tours, workshops and special exhibitions. There is a gift shop, a cafe and really cool restaurant called Rats. ( Read about Rat's here ) I love Rat's, the food the ambiance, pricey but delicious!

The following are some photos of a recent visit to the Grounds For Sculpture. The grounds are a work of art on its own, even if there weren't any sculpture to view. The landscaping is beautiful, whimsical in parts, inviting you to sit and reflect or picnic while viewing the art. There are meandering paths that wind around with a surprising piece of art at the end. There are peacocks wandering the grounds as well. Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to spend more than one day, there is that much to see.

Click here for more info about the Grounds For Sculpture. Thanks for stopping by!

Love the fascinators the peacocks are wearing!