Monday, March 22, 2010

In The Beginning

This little bunny is how my creative life began. I love to read and when I was very young, I would walk a few blocks to the library. Doctor Doolittle, Winnie The Pooh and Nancy Drew were some of my favorite books to read. I also discovered craft books and realized I loved to make things. I made this bunny in second grade. I have had this sock bunny for 45 years. She was naked, a friend taught me how to knit. I made little overalls for her. The buttons came from my Mom's sewing basket. I never gave her a name...hmmm.
My children played with her when they were young. I had to replace her worn little body. She's been in my cedar chest for many years and now sits atop an antique quilt on one of the guest beds.
Through the years I have learned so many crafts. Clothing for me and my children, reproduction antique baskets and dolls, drawing, painting, embroidery and cross stitch, knitting and quilting. I have been student and teacher. I love my creative life.


yayasis1 said...

Hi Dahlin !
Love your new blog, but must admit, your picture does NOT do you justice !!! We need more pictures... Prepare to post.
Love you,

Jane said...

Ah this is so sweet! I just love her!! Your blog is so good!! I am now a follower. Hugs, Minnie