Monday, May 24, 2010

I ♥ New York

On Saturday, my daughter Alison and I met my daughter, Lauren and her boyfriend, Bryan in New York City. They took a bus up from Maryland. Alison and I took the train into New York. We are lucky to live so close to the city.
After a discussion about how many Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks there are in the city, we started walking...and walking... We started in midtown Manhattan, walked for about an hour, hopped on the subway and caught the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.

Hopped back on the ferry and went over to Ellis Island. My great-great grandparents and my great grandparents on my Mom's and my Dad's side came to Ellis Island from Italy.

View of Ellis Island from the ferry

One of the buildings on the island

Some of the luggage the immigrants used to carry their belongings

Some of the clothing worn by the immigrants

Some of the household items brought over..

...including sewing machines!!!
My great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my Mom all sew. I have my great Grandmom's treadle machine. I ♥ her machine, it reminds me of her.

This is inside the main building, it houses the museum now. This is one of the buildings where the immigrants were processed when they arrived here. Many lived here for months if they were ill and needed care.

Sooo...back in Battery Park, where the ferry docks....what can I say...only in New York...

We headed up to the Financial District to see where it all started...the rise and fall of our economy.
Wall Street

After that, we needed a drink, so we headed over to South Street Seaport for some lunch. We ate at an outdoor restaurant. Good food and very relaxing.

After lunch we walked over to Ground Zero. They're busy rebuilding on the site.

Ground Zero...

This is the Ground Zero Cross, found amidst the ruins of the World Trade Center

We visited St. Paul's Chapel.

St. Paul's was built in 1766. The 9/11 recovery workers were cared for in this beautiful old church.

The fence surrounding the church became the main spot for visitors to place memorials. After it became filled with flowers, photos, teddy bears, and other paraphernalia, chapel officials decided to erect a number of panels on which visitors could add to the memorial. They estimated that only 15 would be needed , they eventually required 400.

Many of the memorials are on display inside the chapel.

This memorial is a policeman's uniform covered with police and firefighters patches sent from all over the world. It's hard to believe that this tragedy happened almost nine years ago. It still brings tears to my eyes...never forget...

We hopped on the subway and went to the Empire State are some views from the is breathtaking...

Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed the tour...


Jane said...

Thanks for the tour of New York. I've wanted to visit and maybe someday I'll get to do that.

Joan said...

That was great. Kristen and I have been several times and have never done any of that! We'll have to add them to our list.