Friday, April 2, 2010

Work(s) In Progress

This is a picture of the worktable up in my studio. How many works in progress can you see? The largest, a Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, is for my grandson, Julian. He is two.  This is his Christmas present...last Christmas. I'm sure I can finish it before Christmas rolls around again. Besides, he's still in a crib. How old do you have to be before you can sleep in a bed? Nine, ten?? Good I'm covered.

Unless you think I am some kind of slacker, take a look at the above counted cross stitch projects I have recently finished. They are ready for framing. I ordered the frames, cut the mounting boards. Everything's ready for finishing. Pretty impressed aren't you?? Uh huh, thought you would be. Now click on the picture and take a look at the date on the little sampler. 2001 Yep! 2001, that's when I started that one. Well, it's impressive that I finally got around to finishing it and three others. One more little sampler and I can say I have finished all of my counted cross stitch projects. I have no desire to do anymore...ever!

What keeps you motivated once you've started a project to get it finished? What inspires you?


Karen said...

So many wonderful projects! What keeps me motivated and inspired is seeing what all the quilter's in blogland are making.

Joan said...

I was going to put the binding on Kaitlyn's caterpillar quilt today... before I took that nap! Maybe tomorrow..... I made the top of her Brown Bear quilt a few weekends ago on retreat. Any bets on when that'll get quilted?