Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are...

I volunteer at the county Wildlife Center here in New Jersey. I help to rehabilitate and care for sick and injured wildlife. I also help care for newborn and young animals until they are old enough to be released. The wildlife center is also the permanent home to many animals who were rehabilitated, but unable to be released because of their injuries. They are our education animals. American bald eagles, a skunk, an opossum, owls, hawks and several different bird species are just a few of our education animals. The Screech Owl perched above is one of our permanent residents.

This is a young Screech Owl, he will be released when he's old enough to fend for himself

This little one is a Saw Whet Owl, he is also a permanent resident at the wildlife center

This tiny little hummingbird also lives at the center

This time of year and until late fall we have a lot of babies coming in. These are eastern grey squirrels, the black one is also a grey squirrel, black is a recessive gene in the species.

Here are two little flying squirrels. One is upsidedown on top of the other. They have been at the center all winter. By the time they were old enough to be released, it was too cold. They are now fat and sassy.  They will go into cages outside to become acclimated, so that they can be released.

This is an American Woodcock

Hope you enjoyed your visit with the wild things...

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