Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Risky Gardener

Hi everyone...I'm back! The weather here in New Jersey was unseasonably warm  HOT last week. I spent a lot of time outside working on my perennial garden. Perennial, as in perennially neglected. Oh, it was looking pretty good there for a couple years, until last year. One word...Dahlias. For about two years, my dahlias looked spectacular, in my garden, in vases on my dining room table. Last year they failed to make an appearance. After a brief foray into Google land, I discovered dahlias are supposed to be dug up every year before winter sets in and then replanted in the Spring.  According to Google, it was "risky" to overwinter them in my area of the country. Well, hmmm...I kind of like that, risky. So, this year I bought a lot of summer flowering bulbs and perennials that bloom all season long.  And being the risky person that I am, I still do not know whether they need to be dug up, split up, burped or changed. Hey, as long as they make an appearance, I'm OK with that.

My garden is about 30 feet long. There "should" be lots of pretty something or others popping up in the next few months. Stay tuned...

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