Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh Baby~Times Two!

As I mentioned in this post here, my daughter was pregnant with twins. Today I'm showing off sharing some photos of those little cuties. They came early because they just couldn't wait to see their Nana! Landon and Charlotte spent 18 days in the NICU, scary times, but we knew they were in the best hands. The NICU nurses are truly angels, so patient and caring. The babies are almost three months old and growing like weeds!!

 Taken in the NICU when all but the feeding tubes were removed.
Charlotte on the left and Landon on the right.
My daughter and I came back from lunch to the NICU,
Charlotte heard my voice and smiled.
 My daughter insists it was gas!



Charlotte~"no more pictures Nana, I'm trying to sleep"
Talking already, gifted for sure!

I have my hands full and loving it!
Jussara, from Sugarloaf Photography in Abington, MD gave me permission to share the following photos. Jussara did a fabulous job photographing my grandchildren!

Big brother, Julian with his new brother and sister.
Next up a couple of recent photos.

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