Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Yorkie Christmas Silliness

My last post I gave a sneak peek of some of the projects I was working on. Here is the unveiling of my favorite. Since my children are grown and living in three different states, it's hard to have all three together at the same time for a picture. I've taken to photographing my yorkies for my Christmas photo. This year I designed a pattern and made their little Christmas attire.
This years photo session was even more hilarious than previous years. It also took two different days to get a presentable photo for my card. Let me share some of those outtakes with you.

Bailey is whispering in Bradley's ear. . . I thought I heard him say "let's goof off for the picture"

. . . because they sure did!

Bailey is usually the one that cooperates. . . not this time!

. . . and not here! Sammy just wants his treat

Bailey is at it again!

Sammy doesn't want anything to do with the twin terrors, Bradley and Bailey.
He would not sit close to them!

Bradley is about to make a run for it. . .

 . . . and the other two weren't far behind!
Day two. . .Sammy's doesn't want to cooperate

Bailey is in the middle now and he's still acting up.
 Sam doesn't want to hear anything Bailey has to say, he just wants this over with.
Bradley is mesmerized by something no one else can see.

We almost have a good picture.
Bradley won't stop leaning left, Bailey can even make his ears misbehave!

After getting a good shot of the three together, I took pictures of the terrors.
As you can see, it didn't go too well either.

"Boys. . .psst! I'm over here"!

Hope you enjoyed my silliness. . . thanks for stopping by!


Kim C said...

Thank you for sharing your little fur babies with us. Your pattern came out just Perfect. It is nice too meet you. Have a wonderful weekend! Kim

Anonymous said...

OMG - I have tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard at your comments. They are perfectly matched to the pics. LOVE the ties on the boys.


Lorna said...

I am just getting around to reading this and had to laugh. I also have 3 yorkies and it was like you were at a photo shoot at my house. LOL! I love their collars and ties, they are the cutest, and I LOVE LOVE the quilt!!