Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Name That Quilt Pattern

I'm looking for the name of this quilt. I do remember it was a Karen Stone pattern. I'm planning on quilting it in this lifetime. I made this so many years ago and I cannot seem to find the original pattern. I could tear apart my studio, but that's like looking for a photo in a photo album. Hours later, you're surrounded by lots of albums reminiscing about all the memories you've created through the years. . . and you still haven't found the one you were looking for!

Thanks for helping!


Anonymous said...

I have a Karen Stone pattern called "Yardbirds Circling the Cat". It looks like a big LeMoyne Star made of spikey diamonds. Sort of like yours, but not exactly. This may be what you're thinking of. Hope this helps a little. When I can't find a particular pattern I'm thinking of, it drives me nuts!

Joan said...

I vote you name it Yorkies Circling the Cat and take a nap instead of worrying about it!