Monday, September 24, 2012

Pasta Pasta ~ A Little Taste of Italy

I come from a very large Italian family. My great Grandmom made her pasta by hand.
Great Grandmom

My Grandmom and my Mom did as well. I dabbled in a little bit of ravioli making myself, a long time ago. I thought the results were yummy. I rolled the dough out the old fashioned way. . . with a rolling pin. Not an easy thing to do.
Rolling pin . . . I'll keep it for rolling out pie crusts!
Last year, I went to see the Martha Stewart Show  in New York City with two friends. Hi Lynn and MariaElena! Didn't we have fun??!! 
Martha Stewart
 We were in the audience for the taping of the show.
There's me in the audience!
    Her kitchen was beautiful!
  Chefs Scott Conant and Lydia Bastianich were guests on the show. Couldn't have been at a better show! Now if you've ever watched a talk show, you know they are always giving out goodies to the audience members. Woo hoo! We received a nice selection of pasta...
Pasta pasta!
 and. . . wait for it. . . KitchenAid pasta making attachments, for the KitchenAid stand mixer!!
 My first attempt at making ravioli resulted in 16 measly, albeit very tasty ravioli. That was months ago. I found another recipe and decided to try my hand again on Saturday. The new recipe was very well written and came out perfect. Thank you Tyler Florence! I made ravioli and fettuccine . . . for days . . . it seemed like it anyway!
The ingredients
 Rolling out the dough
Look how thin! I could never get it that thin with a rolling pin!
 Ready for the filling

Filling and an egg wash to keep those edges closed!

Ready for cutting

 I used a 2" ravioli cutter for mini ravioli

 Looking good!

For larger ravioli, I used a biscuit cutter and crimped the edges with a fork.
Years ago I made them this way, but  I used a juice glass to cut them out.
There was enough dough to make fettuccine!
Don't adjust that dial . . . it's blurry!
Hard to hold the dough and take a picture!
Fettuccine on the drying rack
Ready for the freezer
Made some sauce

Mangia buono!

Here's a link for purchasing the flour I used . . . it's "00" flour, finer than regular flour. Makes perfect pasta!
Ecco a amici, di famiglia e buon cibo!

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