Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Handprints On My Heart

On a beautiful day in May, my oldest daughter Lauren got married to her wonderful fiancée Bryan.

The newlyweds

  My beautiful daughter and my grandson

Nana (me) and Julian
I got to spoil my adorable grandson Julian while they were away on their honeymoon.
He is four years old. We had so much fun!

Julian and Bailey. Bailey is totally in love with Julian.

 Bradley got his hair combed with my comb. Sammy was waiting for his turn.

The best pumpkin muffin ever!

We spent the day in a great little town in Pennsylvania called New Hope.
Lots of history and quaint shops

Historic mansions. . .

. . .and homes

We rescued a fledgling, he was about to take a ride on a UPS truck.

Saw a turtle sunning on a rock

Lovely garden gates

 Ate lots of goldfish crackers around the three crumb catchers

Built Lego houses and played with cars

Curled our eyebrows. His eyelashes are beautiful, no curling needed.

Helped Nana cook, with a colander hard hat

Went to the "bouncy place" (Bounce U)

Gave Bailey a bath to soothe his allergies

Combed his hair with the dog's comb

Ready for a visit to Great Grandmom and Grandpop's house.
There are cars in that little bag.

Helped plant flowers

Julian phographed the finished product.

Splashed in the tub for days!

And made a special gift for Mommy and Bryan.
Julian picked out fabric, I traced around his hand. I framed it for a lasting memory
of little hands that are wrapped with love around our hearts.


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Jane said...

Denise, I love all the pictures and things you did with Julian. You are a special Nana to make a hand print of his too. So special!