Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Block of the Month

Nostalgic Gardens
All of this gardening business put me in the mood to start a new project. Something fun and flowery. Up to my studio I went in search of the perfect quilt to make. This one has all of my favorite things to do. It has drawing, coloring with crayons and embroidery, all rolled up into one fabulous quilt. This block of the month quilt is called Nostalgic Garden.  I bought it ten years ago at a shop in Hagerstown, Maryland called Traditions At The White Swan. It is still available by the designer here. Years ago, I was really into designing Art quilts and entering shows. Now I'm into finishing up UFOs, starting projects I've wanted to for years and making quilts that my family can actually use. Fortunately, there are no deadlines, self imposed or otherwise.

Anyway, I digress...this quilt should be fun. You trace the designs, of which there are twelve, onto the fabric. Color them with crayons...yes! color with CRAYONS! I love love love to color with crayons. Who doesn't, right? There's embroidered details with Wildflowers  hand dyed threads, which I also love. There's a whole lotta' love going on here, isn't there?  Here are a few more snaps of the fun stuff for this quilt.

The fabrics, by Moda

The threads


The patterns

My Litebox lightbox...I ♥ my lightbox too!
And check out this cool  little gadget to keep my crayons sharp!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to take my crayons and go play. See you soon...

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Kathy said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this crayon technique! Hand colored blocks should look very soft and interesting.